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Hi, I have a accord 92 ex 5sp. It is having intermittent starting problem. When I put the key in ON position (just before start), I hear continuous "clicking" noise around the IACV/EACV (idle air control valve). Th...
no matter wether cold or hot is selected but ac seems to work. (92 accord ex)
Oil(fluid) leaking from driver side of car, was told rack n pinion needed replaced. Is this the same as the"front/upper control arm"?
my brother says that my transmission is ticking when i push on the gas and he says that its probably the flex plate
when starting and moving alone auto seems to have a problem shifting normally into each gear. this doesn't accur every time but too often. checking levels of fluid is correct. Gear shift-light will blink on and off as...
replaced front brakes,outer tie rod ends,wheel bearings,upper ball joints,and steering links.what else is their??occurs while driving and mostly when turning side to side.
I have to prime it to get it started. When it gets started it runs good. I've replaced the fuel filter but that didn't help.
on this model where is the a/c clutch relay I would think the power goes through there first thus energizing the clutch. I check the fuse and It's good
On car I turn the ignition switch like it get stuck. what could be the problem. I replaced the switch but still have the same problem. what do I replace now the key tumbler or the switch turning mechanism?
dash cluster blinks and stays on when i not even in that gear?
I tried to replace my front brakes and rotors but I was told they need to be pressed off and on. How is this done and can I do it by removing the axles and taking them to a shop?
Can I get a used radiator to replace this one?
when we put the care into reverse the car stalls but it runs fine in drive.We have been trying to find out the problem can some one help....
I have changed the thermostat both fans work as they should come on and go off. but after a few miles it starts to get hot. There are no hear gasket probles or cracks in the head. can this be i timing issue? oh we d...