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what to remove the door

I have a honda accord 1992 model. The windshield wipers went out on me. When I turn them on; they make a sound like they are trying to work, but they dont move so I was wondering if the motor is bad or is it something else.

Pop out in fifth gear

while driving to Santa Barbara from Los Angeles, I started to notice that the radio would randomly shut down and the meter stick would randomly shoot down to zero even though my car was traveling around 70 mph. This happened several times. Also, when i got off the free way I found that the gas pedal was having trouble making the car move forward. It was as if the pedal got caught on something.

i just need to know wat the labor book is calling to replace pass side fromt half shaft

Good explanation. Well done. Professional Honda Mechanic

the car is a manual transmission. it will not go over 2000rpms in any gear and right before it gets to 2000rpms it starts to chug and sputter. I have replaced the valve cover gasket, oil pan gasket, plugs and wires, fuel pump and filter, and the distributer.

Light never com back on & they dont come on with key on only when starting car dies no light on on dash??

What is the price difference between having a new tranny or a rebuilt one put in a 1992 honda accord ex 2 door coupe
Cost of Rebuilding and Installation of the old tranny
Vs Buying a new tranny and having it installed?
Cost of a new tranny that will fit in that car?
Thank You

it does crank, power is working, fuel pump and filter are good, could it be the injectors? or something else?

I was wondering what the Average price is for having the front and rear brake pads installed in a 1992 Honda Accord EX 2 door coupe...I was told that it would take extra time to install the front ones because of the brake assembly.

Thank You

I wanted to know if i can put a 96 accord cylinder head on a 92 accord block.

I visit a lot of mechanics and no one has been able to repair my problem. A lot of parts has been change and start working for a couple of time a short period of time and stop working again. Engine will not start again.

Transmission is not shifting into 3 or 4?

How do I export my service history?