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with new battery or a newly charged battery get all four gears and transmission works fine

Some so its the ignition switch

Seat will not go up all the way

And it started drove around block two time and it died hasn't started since

Then after i let it cool down it works again

A week ago my radiator hose busted so I tried to fix it myself until I got the money to get it fix. So when I was driving it would run hot all the time and it would smoke under the hood. Well yesterday I got it fixed and added oil to the car and added antifreeze to my radiator and I put gas in my car but now I try to crank my car up and it turns over but wont start what can be causing that.

When the car is cold it runs just fine. The temp gauge goes up and the heater will put out heat. Once I move the car the temp gauge will be reading right and then will drop to cold, but the heater will still put out heat. then later down the road the gauge will return to normal.

I have no fire and have replaced ignition coil and router button

My car was running just fine and now all of a sudden wouldnt start so I canged the fuel pump. I checked for a spark but there wasn't any spark.

This is a regular, recurring issue. I have replaced the alternator twice, and the main relay once (under dash, left of steering column, pain to get to!). Battery tests good. Battery cables appear fine. I will be cruising along and the Tach & speedo suddenly drop to zero and it starts draining battery power. The 'Battery' indicator light NEVER comes on. Driving without accessories (lights, radio, etc.) still seems to create the issues. An SAE certified mechanic, as well as Autozone, tested the car while running and stated that the car was charging at approximately 11.5-12 volts (too low, I know), so the alternator needed replaced. The alternator tests good OFF of the car. I can jump start after it dies and run it for a LONG time, so long as I do not use accessories. I am at the end of my rope. Any easy answers, I would LOVE to avoid taking it into a shop for repairs!

Also, when driving, the car will start acting like it is 'loading up' and getting ready to die, then there is a jerk, the 'Check Engine' light comes on, and it runs just great! This appears unrelated to the charging issue, however, but any help here would be nice too. Thanks!

I was told by someone that the rear seal is probably good that normally the is the PCV Valve that is bad not the seal?