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Didn't pass the smog test because the timing is off. So I want to know the procedures in fixing the timing on a 1991 Honda Accord SE
How much does it cost to get the CV Joints repaired (parts and labor)?
near the timing cover there is a threaded hole leaking water from it, is this a freeze plug, and how do i fix it?
The car viberates when making a left turn . My mechanice thinks its the CV joint.
how do u set the timing on a 91 honda accord
when attempting to replace the rear shocks i snapped the damper strut bolt, or at least i think thats what it is. Im really not all that sure on how to do this replacement so hopefully i can have a link sent to me wit...
had car aligned at goodyear shop, report for my car said 1991 accord ex wagon when align specs completed. asked about it, service advisor said it was no problem same for my car.
Whats a fair price to replace all the struts on my '91 Accord?
how much will it cost to get an door unjammed
how much does it cost to replace water pump
the paint is coming off and i want to paint it a light gray and the interior a tan color
how tomark the cranck shaft whit the cam shaft
i can manually shift from 1 to 4 to drive normally
Does anyone know where I can get my car rust free/repainted for dirt cheap? The lowest I found was $1200. Does anyone know any cheaper places?
My speedometer had decided to quit. Is this an easy fix? Since it quit it has very randomly worked and then very quickly again fell back to zero. Any ideas?