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i changed blower, ac heat control seems to work fine on all speeds evaporator looks clean but not sure if it is still lowair flow coming from vents heat and air direction of flow seems to be right with ac heat control...
noise from the power steering system. When I pour fluid in, the steering system is great with no stiffness. But the fluid is literally running out onto the ground. My car is a 1991. Can it be a seal that need replace ...
something kelp draining battery,so one day the car sat for three days,i tooked battery out of car charged overnight, put battery in next day as soonone as i connected the battery one cooling fan came on and would not ...
it has done this awhile. i cant touch the gas when starting it. it would flood and wouldnt start for15 min. now nothing
I have replaced the plugs wires and speed sensor in my car however its still stalling out at 45 mph. Prior to the speed sensor being replaced the speedometer wouldnt work and it stalled at 3500 rpm what is wrong befor...
Tried to start my car but nothing happens. Everything else works...Lights, a/c, etc. Any ideas? Could it be the starter or the battery?
One of my plugs cannot be removed. I tried an extention on my torque wrench and broke my 3/8 rod. Can I drop some dry ice in the plug well and shrink the plug or will that crack the block? The 3 plugs I removed look O...
install a new alternator, after instsllation and hoook up the battery post the brake lights stays on left side briter than the right side what ib the heck is going on
air conditioner recharge
How do I know if I need rotor or brake pads or both? How much will labor and price cost?
what do i need to remove to get there and how the markings should be adjusted at
Didn't pass the smog test because the timing is off. So I want to know the procedures in fixing the timing on a 1991 Honda Accord SE
How much does it cost to get the CV Joints repaired (parts and labor)?