when you turn it off, it won't restart for about 20 mins. Now it won't start at all. What could possibly be wrong? I've read several reviews & lots of people are having the same problem. The car is actually a 1989.

Main pulley off of the motor that operates the air conditioning pump and the smog pump and alternator the pulley main pulley has come loose or something it's wobbling what do I do

The main pulley off of the engine that works the alternator and all the other accessories and the air conditioning pump the pulley off of the engine has come off or loose how do I fix it is there a net that come up or what I don't know but it's loose and wobbling how do I fix it

White/ish smoke coming out of tailpipe. Car sounds bad now when I crank it. It was sounding like something was dragging the ground but nothing is. Still able to move it but don't want to do any more harm than what's been done to it. Been a great car.

The dashboard lights work fine the brake lights and the rest outside light's dpnt even turn on

but the car cannot run now, it is getting worse. before when i put good used distributor the car run was good, but when It getting hot like 2 minutes then the car stop running why. now the can crank but it cannot start, but if it start running for 3minutes then it stop running , it is may be electric problems, please give advice thank you. the car cannot getting code out of it.

how much would this cost to have service...motor mounts replacement

everytime I brake

I was driving my car all day took it home to replace the distributor because it had been gettin oil in the cap causing to sputter, not thinking to jus change the Oring. Took the old distributor off replaced it with the new one, it started up ran fine then it started gettin worse car barley will start for only a few seconds then cuts off. Any one out there can help me?


...problems and ultimately failed. It began slipping when shifting from 1st to 2nd gear (eased off the throttle at shift point to capture gear). Performance continued to degrade, soon slipping also occurred shifting from 2nd to 3rd. A short while later (3-4 wks), after the engine warmed the symptoms; 1st - 2nd slip and 2nd - 3rd slip ended with total failure - 1st gear drop out, no forward movement. Reverse gear ok. After 2 hrs, cooled down to ambient temp (low 60's), drove car home .6 miles(slip; 1-2,2-3). From the beginning, transmission did develop a whine noise before/when symptoms began to occur. Tried trans additive - no help. Next, I will do a basic function/electrical check of solenoid valves. Then, I will add/replace all trans fluid (honda brand, always & only) by separating cooling lines and introducing new honda fluid, using PX4B's internal pump to remove and uptake trans fluid. Any thoughts or ideas appreciated. If a rebuild is the possible solution, I have the original trans already removed (230,000 miles service,before similar shift problems occurred). I would entertain the thought of performing a rebuild in my garage but struggle to find knowledge/support to tackle this job (first time). Thank you for any help / information you can provide.