Mercedes-Benz SLK230 Problem Report

Mercedes-Benz SLK230 Hinges For Sun Visor May Break

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It is not uncommon for the sun visor hinges to break.

sun visor hinges broke. I removed it but cant find a replacement source or a part number. Will I have to go to the dealer for my SLK 230? -
driver's side visor hinge broken and visor hangs -
Driver's sun visor hinge broken, my convertible top is leaking hydraulic oil -
The driver's side sun visor hinge keeps breaking. This is the second time I am replacing it, and I am told by Mercedes that they no longer make the part. Wonderful! What am I supposed to do now? Drive without one??? -
I have now had two driver side sun visor hinges break within 2 years. -
Sun visor broken, does not stay up, just hangs. Have not fixed, still looking for parts. -
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