Pontiac Grand Prix Problem Report

Pontiac Grand Prix High Pressure Power Steering Hose Can Leak Fluid

(65 reports)

The high pressure power steering hose will commonly leak fluid; it should be replaced.

leaking power steering fluid faster than i can put it in -
New power steering pump and hoses -
High pressure hose leaking at rubber to hard line transition fitting -
P/S fluid leaked really bad couldn't keep it filled. Replaced the both the hose and pump. Also, rack pinion is making a whinning sound and difficult to turn. Computer light for variable steering is on. -
High Pressure Power Steering Hose Can Leak Fluid Replaced hose. Now it's leaking again. -
leaks power steering fluid -
power steering started leaking really slow for a about a year then out of the blue a couple weeks ago i could keep power steering fluid in it. High pressure line -
Both the return line and the pressure line started leaking at the rack and pinion assembly. -
power steering leak -
Power steering pump has been replsced about 100000 miles ago. Pressure side hose was leaking. It was finger tight so I tightened it up. it slowed the leak but still whines. Gonna change pressure hose and check other connections. -
replaced line -
I have notice fliud leakage underneath car on right side underbody cheked out powerstreeing resevior and it was bone dry. -
The rack and pinion and new power steering pump has been replaced about a year ago. The weather got colder and the power steering was totally stiff, even after the car warmed up. -
Lqeak power steering pressure hose. -
started leaking suddenly and alot -
Can't fill the fluid up fast enough- Had to replace both hose assembly's -
replaced whole system -
just started blowing power steering fluid like no tomorrow. Have to add fluid daily. -
Found a small wear spot on the aluminum part of the line, located directly under the a/c unit. It was caused by the smaller plastic guard/shield in the fender well. Silly to think that plastic could wear down metal, but thecar is ten yrs old. -
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