Suzuki Forenza Problem Report

Suzuki Forenza High and Low Beam Head Lamps May Stop Working

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The head lights may stop working due to a failed connection at the multifunction head light switch. Our technicians tell us there is a harness connector repair kit available which should be installed in conjunction with dielectric grease to seal the connector. 2004-2006 models have been recalled for low beam and daytime running light malfunctions. For more information on this recall, please click here»

High and low beam head lamps stop working -
I got it repaired by Frank Kent Suzuki and it came back worse. -
First it was the DRL, they just stopped working. Then the headlights just turned off and wouldn't come on for two days, then they worked again for about two months. Now they're off again and just don't work anymore. I cn only drive at night with my brights on. I think I read somewhere about a recall for this problem. How do I find out if this can be fixed by dealer for free? -
running light wont work ,highbeam or low beam CANT DRIVE AT NIGHT,GOING OUT OF TOWN THE 22 NEED THEM FIXED -
Se apagan mis luces sin mas en la noche -
Headlight also have stopped working, like everyone it has caused me to drive only during the day. -
Running lights stopped working intermittently. High beams don't work...etc. -
DRL only working, just found out. Will call dealer -
Headlights stopped working while driving at night. Was notified by Sukzi there was a recall this week to bring car into dealership for repair of problem at no cost to me. -
Just bought car. Low beams not working. Checked for recall repair to the wire junction behind instrument cluster and it was done I have ordered the turn signal multi switch and will post if it solves problem. -
DRL, fog, parking, and high beams all work. Low Beams stopped working -
my car has been like this since about a year after i bought it and the people at the dealership told me it was a bad headlight switch and to come back when i had money for a new one. -
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