Hesitation and Idle Issues Due to Failed Mass Airflow Sensor on Volvo S60

Mass airflow sensor (MAF) failures have been reported, causing engine idle problems, as well as acceleration hesitations. The Check Engine Light will normally illuminate when the MAF starts to fail.

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Average mileage: 131,945 (55,000–553,000)
7 model years affected: 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, more2006, 2007, 2012
25 people reported this problem
12 people shared problem details
2002 Volvo S6084,000
Car ran rough went into limp mode. Dealer said codes indicate a MAF problem and replaced it. Car ran fine for two months and then the same issue arose, hesitation and limp mode. This time the codes indicted a Throttle Module problem and that was replaced. And now about three months later I am experiencing engine hesitation again with check engine light, I have not had the codes pulled yet. Thus far I have spent $1,600 and the problem has not been resolved.I now question the need for the parts replacement, I think that the codes were false and the dealer hasn't found the solution to the problem.
2004 Volvo S6074,000
Check engine light came on. Car would not start. Then car would start, idle, then sputter and die. Had MAF replaced. No change. Had Fuel Pump Module replaced. Then gas gage would not register fuel levels. Had replaced. Now transmission slips and can't accelerate quickly.
2005 Volvo S60131,000
P0101 service engine light code.
2004 Volvo S60100,000
S60, Non turbo. Engine bogs for a few seconds while driving and then picks back up. It is progressivly getting worse and finally cut off while I was driving on the interstate but will not do it when a mechanic is present. I found another website that says it could be a fuel pressure sensor and there is supposed to be a recall but not all S60's are included all though many have the same problem.
2002 Volvo S60125,000
engine service light illuminated' even after having a service; first noticed we have no cruise control settings which we didn't bother about; but has time went by ;discovered another problem intermittent power when accelerating from slow speeds;as you gradually gain speed the car tends to hold back then picks up speed again; and when you come to a junction and want to pull away smartly the power isn't there which could be dangerous. don't no if this problem is connected with the service light is on, also we are forever changing exterior light bulbs a lot. has anybody else had the same problem if so what have they done about it. many thanks. .richard
2005 Volvo S6070,000
MAF replaced
2004 Volvo S6055,000
We had this problem only owed car a couple of months and this repair was $600. My boss has a volvo and the same thing happened to him.
2007 Volvo S60553,000
I have a Volvo C 70 2007 while driving the kids back from school it's seem to hesitate like it lost power for a second and then went right back it seems to be happening more frequently I wonder if anybody else had the same problem and what should I do ?
2005 Volvo S60167,089
Dtc 120D Still persisting
2002 Volvo S60100,000
Replace MAF sensor.
2004 Volvo S6070,000
adulating acceleration while engine is idling. Finally engine stalled on highway
Currently being evaluated.
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