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GMC Jimmy Coolant Leak From Heater Core

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The heater core under the right side of the dashboard may leak engine coolant which can puddle on the passenger front floor. The loss of coolant may cause an engine overheating condition. Our technicians tell us that removal of the dash board is necessary to replace the heater on these vehicles.

Smell antifreeze when heater on ok with a/c No signs of leak yet -
Coolant not puddling on floor yet, BUT, when heater is on, you can smell coolant. Very small leak, but, will be replaced next week. Quoted $1000, and yes, I have a VERY reputable mechanic. Still cheaper than a car note. -
my coolant was leaking into cab thru heater, fogging up windows while driving. Neighbor saved me money by disconnecting something. I have no heat in vehicle but since I live in Florida, it's not a big deal. The cost is prohibitive to have it repaired. -
antifreeze leaking on passenger floor.....remove dash and replace heater core -
Leaking fluids and had to remove the dash to replace the heater core. -
coolant leaked out of my heater core and burned out my fan motor this happened last fall and repairs have not been made yet its at the bottom of the list -
is leaking on the right side and its overheating -
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