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Chevrolet S10 Coolant Leak From Heater Core

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The heater core under the right side of the dashboard may leak engine coolant which can puddle on the passenger front floor. The loss of coolant may cause an engine overheating condition. Our technicians tell us that removal of the dash board is necessary to replace the heater on these vehicles.

need to replace heater core some have said this model you dont have to remove entire dash -
replaced heater core -
I had this too, had to pull out dash and change out heater core, about two days work, plus every time the heater was turned on it smelled like antifreeze inside the cab, that lasted more than a year. -
2 dash mount screws on right lower, radio out for ease of core case screws,ease dash slightly out, plenty of room,under 2 hrs, easy, cetronia auto allentown pa -
replace heater core -
The dex-coolant cause radiator, heather & cooling system ( water pump replaced ). It was a big mess & cost to fix. Sometime in 2008 there was a lawsuit, but I was to late to make claim, 10/28/2008. Also, every 2 years I have to repair & replace parts for it to pass smog inspection ( a problem since it was new ), no one seems to know how to fix it. I am the original owner. The fuel pump has also been a problem. The airbag light has is also on we no fix. Otherwise the truck drives great and we love it. It is fast & pulls jets or boat easy. -
It's a minor drip leak and tolerable, so I live with it. Detailed replacement video is on YouTube. Repair is too expensive and risky. -
Radiator core sprung a leak and fogged up the cab. I was able to limp it back home and spent two days to replace it. -
it has not been fixed yet but as soon as you poor in water or antifreeze, all of it just dumps out right in between the engine block and the transmission which leads me to believe it is the intake gasket or a blown out freeze plug. -
how to connect to engine of motor -
First off, I still haven't fixed the problem. The story is a warning. Started with a foggy passenger side window and only on the right. The thought of replacement was to replace the vehicle but before I was able to sell it, stepson used his car for "texting and missing a deer and then hitting a tree". Needs a car to get to work, you can use the truck 97 Chevy S-10 V-6. "Make sure you check the antifreeze cause it leaks", I warned him. He said there was no heat for a few days and then it overheated. Desperate, he added some window washer fluid to the radiator until he cud add some antifreeze. But it was already too late. During the overheating, the head gasket blew on top of the intake manifold. We bought a $45.00 bottle of sealer and it worked for 3 days before the head gasket blew at the cylinder because I now have white smoke coming from the exhaust. -
Windows. Fog up -
Fogged cab and major leakage into passenger side -
Have not fixed yet. May try this weekend -
leaking heater co -
heater core leak -
It start overheating. had to replace hoses. but heater core hasnt been. how do i get this recall taken care of -
lot of miles for a while though the guy who sold it to me took a piss in it. now found that my heatercore has fail -
Floor always puddles up witch makex my truck stink and idk what to do to fix it -
Found heater core had been leaking after dashboard was removed for V8 engine swap. A rust hole in the fire-wall half a foot long was underneath the heater core hoses and mounting location. A fiberglass and sheet metal patch was fashioned over top of the rust hole. -
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