Heater blows only cool air...even w/ defroster on on Buick LeSabre

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Average mileage: 134,112 (14,579–230,000)
11 model years affected: 1993, 1995, 1997, 1998, more1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005
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I'll turn up the temp on the dual control to get heat, and/or the defroster to blow warmer air. All I get is cool air that makes for an uncomfortable ride and slower defrost. I did replace the blower motor in the summer, could this have caused the problem by not hooking something up correctly?
Heater is not getting hot.
The heater comes on but does not get hot.
What is wrong?
1998 Buick leasbre Heating not working,blowing cold air,
Only the cold/cool air comes out of my unit. I have checked the control panel (removed and opened) to ensure the device was moving properly from side to side (cold to hot), it does. I then checked the battery, making sure the reset, from having my mass air flow sensor replaced didn't cause a misread to the electrical system. Today, I find it is the accualtor door. Part $91.06 plus tax, Nash Cheverolt, and $117.00 for labor. I did it myself, it was approximately 10 screws and 30 mins (or so) of laying uncomfortabley on my back.- no jokes, please. Heat works like a champ and the Buick gets to live another day in my garage.
Heater blows cold air. Have not found a solution.
No heat only blows out cool or cold air.
my car blows out warm and cold air after 20 minute I change the thermostat check the coolant levels would it be the climate control unit are the temperature control unit
My heat is blowing cold air in my 2002 Buick lesaber
The heat blows out cold air when its on hot defrost.
Defroster only blows cold air with heat set. Took to dealer and flushed cooling system corrected problem.
My heater does not work. It blows cold air
only blows cold air ...heater core inlet hose hot...return hose cold...3.8 liter
Heater fan doesn't come on .Then I hit a hole in the road and comes on
No heat at all not even with defrost only cold air
Had the same problem. Mechanic flushed out the entire engine and cleaned out the gunk that had built up. Now I have heat after nearly 2 winters without it. Be sure to have them check all hoses and connectors after the flush out; I had a leak within 5 days from 2 elbow parts (plastic) that disintegrated because they had pretty much been held together by the gunk inside.
heater filed 2yrs ago. No heat and no air. A cold winter and a very sticky summer
Recently changed battery, and after putting new battery in the control panel began blinking. And sounds like it's cycling while the unit itself is off. After a couple minutes I turn it on DEFROST and can not get warm / hot air to blow. What may be an issue to fix this?
Heater does not work only cold air do not have book what number on battery
Cold air from heater when engine is 220 degrees.

Can't find solution on this site.
Defrost button to windshield is colder