Dodge Grand Caravan Problem Report

Dodge Grand Caravan Head Lamp Switch May Fail

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A failing head lamp switch can cause the head lamps and/or instrument cluster lighting to flicker or dim. The head lamp switch should have a noticeable click between each position; a "mushy" feel is a strong indication of a failing switch.

Just noticed that when driving one day my lights were flickering and then it stopped but after reading this post I knoiw that my switch is Mushy so I will be fixing that -
My headlight switch must be going bad. It does not have a notchy click and some times I must turn the switch on and off a few times to get the lights to go off -
Allheadlights will flick on and off and now the alarm horn is sounding too. the only way to stop it is to pull my tail light fuse. Very annoying. -
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