Chrysler Sebring Problem Report

Chrysler Sebring Head Gasket May Fail Prematurely

(18 reports)

There have been reports of premature head gasket failure; an updated gasket design is available to correct this problem.

Head gasket failure requires expensive replacement. -
Head gasket blew and haven't fixed it , too expensive,regret getting this car!! -
My car was overheating while driving, coolant bottle sounds like it boiling. got heads done,,new radiator water pump thermostat used tranny,,,,,,one day later 2,500.00 .....coolant bottle boiling again!!!! has comression shop said no leaks.....and my car sits in the drive way still....replaced relays and now fan dont come on got fan assembly from junk yard...and still dont so pissed off....dont know what to do now -
Blowing white smoke. Haven't fixed it yet. Was my grandmother's car. She took such good care of the car that when she would go to change the oil they would tell her she needed to drive it around some more and then come back because it wasn't time yet. -
Blown head gasket, only over heated on the highway. They also had to replace the thermostat. -
Engine overheated one day. Coolant gone. Refilled and runs ok now, but the shop reports head gasket is leaking - coolant getting into system. -
head gasket ready to blow! -
it's not fixed. it's sitting in my driveway -
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