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Toyota Sienna Head Gasket blown

Toyota Sienna Problem
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Model Year Affected: 2008

Average Mileage: 85,111 mi (61,000 mi - 124,000 mi)

  • Visitor, , 124,000 mi

    Took my 2008 Sienna in for an oil change and was told, and shown, by the mechanic that I had a blown head gasket-engine was so hot that all the coolant bubbled up on the seams, explaining why we never saw any drips on the garage floor or driveway. No prior warning-heat worked fine, no indication of overheating on the temperature gauge. Have owned the van less than five years-still owed $2000 on it but traded it in last week for a new vehicle rather than sinking the estimated $3700 in repairs into it-figured if we did so it may never run right again plus getting to the point where other costly repairs (transmission?) may be right behind. Very disappointed-really loved this van and all it's features and planned on keeping it another 5 or 6 years-so much for Toyota's 200,000 mile reliability; not in this case.

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  • Visitor, , 62,000 mi

    I have a 2008 with 62K miles. I started having heating issues. No heat in the back. Took it in and found out the water pump had a hole in it. Replaced it. Two days later there was no heat in the car at all. Could not bring it the car back as we were on vacation. While driving home, the check Engine light came on as well as the VHS light. Within 10 minutes the car stalled on the highway. After getting the car towed and checked out again, we were told the Head Gasket had gone. After doing some of my own research it appears the head gasket was going first which caused the hole in the water pump. Don't know the cost yet to fix this.I am extremely disappointed in this car. I too bought Toyota for its reliability. I have already spent $1,500 on the water pump and estimate it will be another 5k for engine repair.

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  • Visitor, , 61,000 mi

    We coolant leaking from the head gasket as well as a oil leak with around 61000 km. Had to drop new engine into the car.

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  • Visitor, , 86,000 mi

    I went in for an inspection today and was told and shown that my head gasket leaking too!

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  •  Rookie

    I purchased this vehicle preowned with 65000 miles in April of 2011. Had all maintenance done by toyota dealer. After oil change at 90000 I noticed drops of pink liquid on the driveway. I thought it was cooling fluid since it is pink too. After 3-4 days didn't see drops anymore, I thought it was just overfill of coolant. However at next oil change at the dealership I asked them to see where leak could have come from. They showed me from underneath that vertical seam of the engine head had buildup of pinkish crud on the front of the engine. Dealers estimate $4100 without complications, but maybe more. But could be more. The reason that I bought this van was its reliability, but now I think maybe Toyota is just another car brand like US brands (which now supposedly are improving their reliability). I am not ready for $4100 bill 12 months after purchase.

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  • Visitor, , 120,000 mi

    Car overheated on the way back from vacation. Told the head gasket was blown. Had to stay in hotel, rent Uhaul, trailer, and car for my family. Bought the car 60 days ago beacuse I wanted a reliable car. The dealer has it now and evaluating the extent of damage and what they can do for me...we'll see.

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  • Visitor, , 78,000 mi

    Catastrophic failure of the head gasket caused loss of all coolant. Estimate to replace gasket, and basically rebuild the top half of the engine with new timing chains, etc., is $7,400. Not sure what we are going to do. Not a happy Toyota owner at the moment.

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    My 2008 Toyota Sienna Overheated also. Mechanic said I need a new engine. I still have not determined the exact cause of the overheating. As with the person with the 62,000 mile car the check engine lite and the VSC (Vehicle Stabilization Control Light) came on and real shortly thereafter the vehicle stalled. The mechanic told me that when the check engine lite came on my vehicle had already reached 275.... I never experienced the interior heat problems... maybe because it is summer??? Very sad.....

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  • Visitor, , 69,000 mi

    Our son picked up our Toyota 2008 Sienna in Seattle and tried driving it back to Baton Rouge, La. It was trouble free for the past 8 years. It was always fully serviced on time.
    In Dallas he went to a baseball game with his family and it was 100 degrees. He started to drive onto the freeway and it stalled... then stopped running.
    He towed it to a shop. First they thought it was only the sensor (easy fix).. then found out the water pump was leaking and the head gasket blown. They are pulling the head to see if it was cracked. It turned out to be a big and expensive problem. No cost yet. He said it would take 2-3 days to fix.
    And, I thought Toyotas were totally trouble free as long as you serviced them. Now I have big doubts.
    Cost will be $2000+... could be double....

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