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Ford Edge Hard shift out of park

Ford Edge Problem
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Model Years Affected: 2007, 2008, 2012

Drive Trains Affected: AWD, FWD

Average Mileage: 70,361 mi (14,700 mi - 107,000 mi)

  • Visitor, , AWD, 88,000 mi

    Rough shifting and loud banging

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  • justsomedude, , AWD, 50,000 mi

    when shifting from park the vehicle has a loud clunk that can be felt by the driver. Took vehicle to dealer. They replaced two speed sensors. Be warned, they will not fix it if there aren't any trouble codes.

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  • Visitor, , FWD, 83,000 mi

    I started have problems over a year ago with the car not shifting into gear when starting it. Once I turned the car off and turned back on it seemed to be fine. Took to dealer and they couldn't find any codes or anything wrong. It continued to shift rough and seemed to get worse, but no mechanic could find anything wrong. Two weeks ago while driving down I-5 the speedometer dropped to zero and we got the little wrench light. At this point the car is still driving down the freeway, but since it was pouring rain we decided it would be better to stop at the rest area. Once we did that the car wouldn't move at all and every time we shifted the car it would clunk and jerk the car. We tried turning it off and on, but nothing worked. We had it towed to the dealership and they replaced two sensor in the transmission and ended up costing us over $700. This was not covered under our extended warranty because it is an electrical problem. I still feel like the car shits funny, but have only driven it a few miles since getting it back. I know one thing for sure, I will not be keeping this car past our extended warranty.

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  • smfurman, , AWD, 14,700 mi

    For years I have had this clunk hard shift out and into park...Wrench showing on dashboard. Took to dealership but of course they found nothing....$100 a pop two times and nothing.

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  • Visitor, , FWD, 70,000 mi

    Loud noise and jump when switching gears. Sensors in transmission replaced under extended warranty I purchased.

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  • binkyyou2, , FWD, 52,000 mi

    Frequent hard shift from low gear to drive. More frequent when driving in slow traffic.
    Makes same clanging noise shifting out of park to drive, but not as frequent. Talked with Ford
    personnel who diagnosed a shift linkage adjustment, a power transfer problem or sensor problem.
    The problem has not been fixed. It was barely of of warranty and the cost would have been more
    than I could afford.

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