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The remote key still unlocks/locks, just will not start the car anymore.
The display works for all other info displays just blank on the three listed. Is there a DIY repair for this issue. Happened one day at normal under normal operating conditions. No codes were thrown as I expected. ...
Tester shows P0121 Throttle Body Sensor. Should I replace? If so, how difficult is it? Advice?
a leak there around oil pan assembly i went many services stations some of them adviced to replace all oil system include gasget and cylate and othe parts, the other one said i'll change drain and let see if its enoug...
The gear shifter will move up and down freely without shifting into any gear
oil level sensor needs replaced and I dont know where it is
Why doesn't heater blow on drivers side floor, when passenger works fine?
I to often have to turn around and reach back to the back seat and have to change the temperature when my kids turn it to 80 degrees! and find myself wondering why it's so hot and realize it's cranked all the way up i...
Oil is full. Message was displayed before oil change. Immediatly after servicing the vehicle the same message returned.
I'm getting almost a metal sounding squeal for a brief period when the ac is turned on. It doesn'thappen all the time and only lasts a moment. AC is cooling fine. any idea? thank you.
My battery has died the last three times I've taken it through an automatic car wash. I notice that the battery has a cap on Positive side, but the Negative side is uncapped. Most recently, this happened again yeste...
I need both front and back rotors and pads replaced, how much is the estimate on this. Thanks Aaron Lessing
how much should the 60,000 mile service run me on my 2007 yukon xl denali?