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Just started having a leak of coolant under My It's I nice size puddle But truck isn't acting craazure....But What could be The problem
The ABS lights are not on, the only thing reading is service tire monitor
I have five accessory power outlets and only one works, the one closest to the steering wheel.
motor wont start on first try/must re try to start just began today hot out today/ no dtc codes show
I just bought a 2004 GMC Yukon Denali XL used with 91k miles on it. Just started having an issue when I go to turn it on. I put my foot on the brake, turn the key, dashboard lights up and the engine makes some noise b...
The thermostat was replaced because the heater was blowing cool air when sitting idle but would blow out warm/hot air once the truck was in constant motion.
What's wrong that heat does not work in front what can I do.
I know this to be a common problem, but don't see it here on this board. WHY do the bolts break off of the exhaust manifolds on BOTH side of the 6.0 liter? I know the manifolds warp, thats a given, but why arent the...
rev, but dont chance to 3 gears
While stopped on a hill in drive the denali started to roll backwards. My son was driving and let it roll yo see if it would go back, it rolled back and then the engine just shut off! Is this a flaw? a design featu...
How do you replace the door inside light?
2004 GMC Denali Yokon XL Starter removal. All bolts are out wires are still attached, need to remove finding it difficult to remove or get starter out to remove wires form solenoid. HELP!
Does anyone know a websit that shows you how to change your own oil?
Not sure if the fuel filter is the culprit of the problem or not. I will be driving down the road and the vehicle will randomly surge. Like pushing on the gas pedal & letting off. I can watch the tachometer and it wil...