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Does anyone know how many pitman arm are in the yukon xl?
Service 4wd is on the display screen sometimes. My truck also starts in a different 4wd setting almost every time I start it. I can sometimes switch it to 2wd by putting it in neutral and holding the break, I can hear...
Had brakes pads repaired/rotors turned 2 days later. Codes were reset. Ten miles later both warning lights came back on----What's up?
fuse burns. Put 25 amp fuse in and lights work but it pulls the engine down, altenator, don't want to burn up the wires, seems like a dead short, where?
When I drive my car to work if it is hot out it will not start at the end of the day if it has been sitting all afternoon. If I remember to go out and start it or take it to lunch it starts fine but if it sits all day...
My air conditioner will not blow at all unless I accelerate the gas while I'm driving
The battery is new, as well as the alternator. The fuel pump was replaced 17 months ago. Problem just started. It started today but when I tried to start it again it will not.
The problem is only sometimes other times it runs perfect. After driving continuously for at least 15 minute it very rarely runs bad if at all. The transmission was changed a little over 1000 miles ago. I have change...
The light by the 2 wheel drive was yellow and now it is red why?
I had a new window put in and it still doesn't work. The light on the switch comes on. How do I troubleshoot this?