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replaced switch &transfer case 4x4 controlmodule
When turning or backing up wheels not turning properly
I Recently replaced the water pump. Right after doing this I noticed the Fuel gauge was pegged to full. Could I have disconnected something not knowing? Or did something to cause this problem.
Does that mean my Catalytic Converter needs to be replaced? The Service Engine light stays on. I loose power going up a small hill.
I was told that I need a new door lock actuator
i got in it turned key and it sounded like battery was low it clicked...then when i turned key to stop it i got out to open hood n tried to turn key again and key would not turn and i was jump starting it and security...
need to locate A/C air blend actuator in 2002 gmc yukon xl
How do I reattach the mirror to the stud? How do you open up the mirror to get access?
Hello, I am attempting to replace the wheel bearing/ABS sensor assy on the front left of my 2002 GMC Yukon XL 1500 (*4-Wheel Drive*). So far, I have removed the caliper, rotor, brake line/ABS line retainer bracket, a...
The headlights switch on after dark but the dashlights and taillights don't turn on
This is first time experiencing this problem
I have a 2002 Yukon 4WD. I detect a low roaring/grinding noise from left front wheel area when I turn left or right into a drive way or parking slot. I thought it to be the whell bearings so I had them replace not ...