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Is it possible the climate control switch is bad? I pulled my dash and checked to make sure the control switch was plugged in properly. But still no front fan. AC works fine in the rear. No air at all for the front. W...
My clutch is bad in my AC compressor. I want to replace clutch myself. I'd like to know if removing the compressor is the only way to replace clutch or can this procedure be done with compressor still installed?
I've replaced the neutral safety switch, and the starter. If I jump the solenoid it will crank but with the key in the run position it won't start and run. I have 12 volts at the crank fuse in the crank position. W...
replaced switch &transfer case 4x4 controlmodule
When turning or backing up wheels not turning properly
I Recently replaced the water pump. Right after doing this I noticed the Fuel gauge was pegged to full. Could I have disconnected something not knowing? Or did something to cause this problem.
Does that mean my Catalytic Converter needs to be replaced? The Service Engine light stays on. I loose power going up a small hill.
I was told that I need a new door lock actuator
i got in it turned key and it sounded like battery was low it clicked...then when i turned key to stop it i got out to open hood n tried to turn key again and key would not turn and i was jump starting it and security...
need to locate A/C air blend actuator in 2002 gmc yukon xl
How do I reattach the mirror to the stud? How do you open up the mirror to get access?
Hello, I am attempting to replace the wheel bearing/ABS sensor assy on the front left of my 2002 GMC Yukon XL 1500 (*4-Wheel Drive*). So far, I have removed the caliper, rotor, brake line/ABS line retainer bracket, a...