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My Yukon's transmission goes into and shifts easy but when it gets warm after 1-2 miles seems to shift in to neutral. Turn it off and let it cool. I have gears again. Is it a some switch or the transmission?
brand new motor,transmission.idle doesnt even change when tryin to shift.
Purchased used about a month ago. Switch button shows 2WD and won't change. Forums suggest it may be one of several problems. How can I isolate which component is culprit? I do not have code reader or lift. Forme...
replaced MAF sensor,new fuel filter vehicle still hard to start plus runs ragged now diagnosed no codes
i changed the therostat and checked the fluid levels
Just replaced the battery in a 2000 Yukon XL, now it stalls. Anything I can do, or does it need a certified mechanic?
how to fix this problem
How to drain the cooling system in a 2000 Yukon with a 5.3 l engine
Since May 29, my air condition belt has broke three times on 2000 yukon xl. The first time it appeared to be because it was old. But the following two times, brand new belts were used. What could be causing this to co...
I have replaced my fuel filter and pump, but my vehicle still stalls and idle low
AC compressor bad, is there a way to instal the compressor myself then have an AC tech finsh repair? Would that halp save much $$
my ABS pump stays running even when the yukon is off