1995 GMC Vandura 2500 Questions

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Need to replace window

Why does the transmission back up in reverse at idle speed ? Is the filter clogged ?

I love my Vandura 2500 I bought from a one owner. The power steering unit is leaking like crazy, use a qt a day and not going much of anywhere. Will be traveling to MO and FL soon. Need to know what unit it is. Is a gas fuel.

I got a 95 vandura with a 5.7 that won't Crank i think the problem is I can't get power to the starter. Power stop at the other wire that come out of the battery. Lights work just fine just wonted to see if anyone else has had this problem and know a good way to fix it?

Worked fine than resistor went out now the air won't blow out vents I can hear the door opening and closing fine can't figure out if there is something else that controls the vents or not don't know where to go from here any help will be greatly aprecated think you

The check engine light flashed a 44 code. Van has been hard to start and when driven right away it will accelerate for a split second then stall, then accelerate and so on. Fuel pump? Oxygen sensor? HELP!!

Only blows hot air even after putting freon in it.

Only happens when the engine has time to cool down, like overnight or even a few hours. I have to crank the engine and hit the gas pedal to get it started. Sometimes after I crank it will start but then turn off if I don't keep my foot on the gas. PLEASEE HELP!!

my ac just went out .

Have not been able to start.

The engine seems like it wants to go and it jerks when I stop. Like its idling fast. It doesn't happen all the time. It also jerky in low speeds. Voom voom, boom. It goes goes and slows when I go slow. It seems maybe the carb. Needs to be adjuted.

When putting brake on it vears right.its getting fluid..