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can some one help me decide which one to buy for my van i'm tired of replacing the one in the tank
large window above slider
I have already replaced the headlights and headlight swithch, but the headlights still do not work. All the other lights including the high beams work properly.
I was at a stop sign and it starts stalling or put putting then dies out.starts two more times then dies out starts one more time but black smoke comes out the tail pipe i gas it in park until all black smoke is got t...
the motor is getting spark and fule. im wondering if it might be a prolbem in the alarm system.
Went up pulled over then waited for temp. to go back to middle went back to mechanic. Now the oil looks black in am then looks normal when checking it. the oil pressure gauge goes high low when stopping. Still see s...
A car back in to my van really fast and i was leaking trans fluid from from the front of the van it look like its coming from the radaitor so i wanna know the problem.
After putting freon in ac unit, van cut off. it won't start sounds like its out of gas. it's not.
Where is the fuel pump and how do I remove it
Is there a way to increase the brightness of my dash lights?
I also have the instance of the parking brake light coming on periodically. If I turn the ignition off and restart the car it goes out. What's causing that to happen and how do I fix it?
im changing water pump,i cant remove the fan clutch,i have removed the 4 bolts holding fan to clutch do i have to un do the 4 bolts to the pully on waterpump first? how do i loosen tension on my belt, there is a adju...