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smission.Why are the bolts hitting something inside the transmission?
Wont start..new starter less than yr. replacef fuel filter by tank no start bought whole fuel pump assembly gas came upd to injector area then quit used starter fluid still wont start fuses checked non burnt put teste...
need help with the sequence also when im driving the van shuts off what can i do
when I leave for work its fine . when I slow down to get off the hiway. stop to turn the moter starts knocking. I think its the rocker arm. so I want to check them.
It's stuck in the down position and won't come up... And I just put it down two days ago...
I does not stand up away from the windshield it pulls away about 6-8 inches but will not stay up.
So i cahange plugs, fuel filter, vacum hoses cap and roter, it starts lops than idles fine, than rev it it seems to bog, and when u put in gear it starts to stall, or when u put on ac/ front and rear it stalls or want...
Was running rough and I thought it would need tune up soon. Parked it and would not start next day. Put new cap and rotor on and it started right up. Opened door to get out and it killed it. Started again and turned o...
What is the best oil to use for this van?
what would make my van lose compression and start smoking under the hood.
maybe there is a wire touching somewhere on the body of the vehicle
Speedometer & odometer stopped working but all else works. Had checked out and the speedometer is OK..what could cause this problem?
My whole Front end feels like its going to fall apart at 35 mph and higher.what can cause this?