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Okay...so two weeks ago I received this van from a friend. It has been sitting since july 2014. I was driving from Cocoa Beach, Fl to Jacksonville, Fl...the van died after about 120 miles. All symptoms pointed to a...
Reverse acts and feels like it wants to work, but doesn't.
I have had battery tested, plenty of power. What usually happens is I let the van sit for a while, and come back later and it will start no problem. I would leave it when I get to work, then it will start when I am of...
do I need to change the complete a/c compressor unit? I heard I would need to 'recalibrate' if I just change the clutch, is this true and if so what is involved?
It has what seems to be a vacum leak but all hoses are on.it dies at low idel. Unable to drive engine dice when put in gear. Possible MAP where it where it is.
It's leaking from the front of the engine I thought it was a freeze plug, the water seemed to be leaking from there, but now it's seems to be coming from the power steering pump but that's impossible, there is a mount...
I just purchased a 1991 GMC Vandura Starcraft and I am looking for places I can go to get replacement parts and accessories such as door trim, running boards, ladder, handles, switches, badges. What are your suggestions?
Looking for a hitch for a 1991 Vandura Van 2500 GMC. Does anyone know if this was a truck chassis? if so which one? The trailer people say they can't find it listed as a van.
engine starts, runs rough, cuts out, will not run with out pumping gas pedal.
van was starting very slow like batter low changed battery with new nothing happened starter wouldn't turn motor over no clicking sound, could it be cell annoyed
It is a fairly simple question I am trying to get an answer for.
I have given her a full tune up now it runs but besides the surging idle witch was the start of the problme but also when you give her gas it tryes to stall untill you get to hi rpms
will restart but don't stay running