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The vehicle makes a high pitch whine when braking to a stop. Once stopped it feels like the brakes are stuck and the check engine light flashes on. It will go away if the brake pedal is pumped.
repair pit crew said that first thing computer test reads is pass lock system how do I fix this problem or can u fix this problem
Occurs while car in motion. What is this a symptom of more serious problem. Is it safe to drive. Is it likely to quit all together?
when you push harder the brakes want to put you through the windshield. all of this is at low speed
My front air is stuck on heat. The back air is cold.
I changed these brakes in July. Its March and the drivers side is more worn than the passenger side. What's wrong with the brake line not releasing on the drivers side?
The passenger side brake caliper and line has been replaced. And after 8 months of driving, it all of a sudden locks up on the drivers side. I have fairly new brakes on the truck and hard time bleeding the drivers sid...
when I'm plowing snow with it it kicked out of 4 wheel drive I put a new actuator on it