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its been making this horrible popping for about 3 weeks and getting worse, what is it and how much to fix?
Won't start if left off for more than two days. Once started, starts again first time every time within 2 days. Then won't start unless jumped and gas pumped repeatedly. Battery always checks out good. Dealer says no ...
When these stopped working the transmission stopped down shifting. I can manual shift but it takes off in second gear. This happed once before and I only had to restart the truck to fix the problem. But that doesn't ...
I have replaced both shift solenoid's,the code keeps returning i tested both solenoids for continuity , they are within the specific range. the code is erratic, sometimes it goes off continuously and other times it d...
Also burped cooling system for 30 min at 2000 rpm Any clues why?
Took truck to advance auto where they connected diagnostic handheld. Code P0161 came up. Bank 2 ,sensor 2.
Wear and tear like driving down bumpy road? Can it be welded back up and repaired cheaply? And popping noise as started upon coming to a stop.
tried to start next day and blew muffler wide open. engine does turn over but has extreme miles on the odometer. engine has average compression of 140. after all this still no start.
have replaced intake gaskets(upper and lower)plus all other gaskets up top.NEW (plugs,wires,cap and rotor replaced mo ago)brand new ign mod,,coil,maf sensor, crank sensor,EGR,catalytic convertor,all O2 sensors,injecto...
truck was doing just fine stopped to get some parts for another car came back out started it to leave and it was missing and the service engine light came on and now its on all the time and blinking.
It only occurs after driving for awhile.