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At first engine light was on unhooked battery to reset computer after these problems occured..before having flywheel repaired there where no other problems
The 4x4 isn't engaging. I have voltage at the actuator. I do not have a 4x4 light on dash.
my transmission won't shift none of my m.p.h. gauges don't work as long as my abs light is on can u tell me what 2 do please.!!!
Auto zone said 2 and o'reilly auto parts said 1.
I need to change the accelerator cable but cannot figure out hoe to detach it form the firewall. please help?
My 1993 4 wheel drive 1500 Suburban needs a transmission and I cannot locate exact year, make and model. What other year, make and model transmissions will fit it?
how do i set the timing
door locks work with power switch. The rt lock does not work with manual key from the exterior
How would i change the air conditioner evaporator on my truck?
my 4 wheel is not working i put it in 4wheel how long do i drive it before it work or is it sposte to work right a way.
size of the bolt that holds the yolk into the pinion