the 4 wd switch is dead rear windows are dead a/c dead

Lights flash, but don't stay on and the seats don't heat up.

I have removed the wheels, caliper, the axle, and the screw nut in the wheel housing. I see the bearings inside, and the rotor/hub is loose, but it will not slide off. It seems like the bearings are holding the hub/rotor in place. How do I get it to slide out?

mileage was at approximately 18,000 miles when odometer stopped

will not show mileage

Do I need to get them repaired and if so what is the best way? Any that I can do myself....

while driving my odometer slowly continued to gain speed as I traveled. It continued faster until it couldn't go any higher. When I stop the engine it drops back to around 90mph and then proceeds higher as I start moving

Changed battery. Now ac switch won't change from defrost to face or feet setting. What is the problem and how can I fix this?