2005 GMC Sierra 2500 HD Questions

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The brake lights still work but my cruise control has stopped working. The wires are colored but the switch only has the letters A B C D E and F as identifiers for the wires. How can I find out which terminals the 3 broken wires connect tro?

Push the peddle and no power.

need diagram for where sensors go.

what might be my problem with my 4x4 front diff. 4- low you can hear the solenoid engage but just a whirling noise. And know 4- high dose not stay in all the time. This a 2005 GMC sierra 4x4 2500 HD auto trans

Why does my gear shift inhibitor warning come on?

recently abs light came on then went out came back on with ck engine light code 110 is this a booster ps pump problem or computer problem wife reports lost brakes & steering all at once now seems to be fine but both lights on

back on with with ck engine light code 110 is it booster ps pump problem or computer signal problem wife reports lost steering & brakes all at once barely made it home now seems to be fine but both lights illuminated

I was told by the Alan Jay Dealership in Sebring, FL that this was a motor mount recall and I needed to have this repaired. They deny any recalls on my truck other than this and they did repair my speedometer cable and no my steering column rattles and is loose. They tell me my teeth are broken from over driving the truck but I only have 38,000 MI and I am gentle with it. I have not taken it back there. I wish to know if any of this makes since and what it is I can do about the popping with turning of the wheel. This popping has occurred since 2009.