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I have changed the control panels. worked for a very short period. I believe that it may be the actuators
makes that grinding sound like they do when they first go out, It's done it twise a couple of week's ago and did 3 time's yesterday is it the ignition switch or the starter
We are just driving on the frway in heavy holiday traffic and it went out not working
Been told I have a 4 wheel drive axle seal leak driver side. Where is this seal? Looked myself and cannot see anything oily and carport shows no drips. Been told $210.00 to fix. Sounds high.
Just left work then tractionconrol light,abs light & another one it said service traction control & service track from stayed on till I got home shut truck off started again they stayed off drove forward & back & stil...
Changed sensors, engine light still on! computer printout mentioned a "FUSE" plus the O2 sensors to be changed. Is there a fuse in this system? Codes:P0161,P0141.P0060, P0056, P0054, P0036
Shouldn't the idling return to a slower rate of RPMS sooner?
po121 code and i have rechared tha air filter and replaced the throdlle pedal and i clerd the code but it comes on and go out and on for a cuple days now? also i took the throdle body apart and it was clean. what in t...
My truck will not go over 90 miles per hour...Not that i should be going over 90 miles per hour anyway...but it doesn't feel right.