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Checked fluid in front transfer case...a little low but no metal shavings.. Jacked up both front wheels and can only turn them about a half of a turn or so
If I shut it off and re-start it. The light will stay off until I start it again. Brake performance is still perfect
i think there is a faulty switch in the dash that switches from heater to vent to ac. i dont know where that is .
When I try to put in four wheel the light won't come on but sounds like it goes in ? I'm not sure what is wrong?
I initially thought that it was my fuel pump because it exhibited the same symptoms as the last time when I replaced it. However, when I replaced it this time, it will not start. I replaced the fuel pump, fuel press...
I have to either turn the truck off or disconnect the battery to get it to go out of 4wd.
pulled trans had it rebuilt used same transfer case which worked fine before trans rebuild its the auto 4x4 electric push button type. 2hi and 4hi lights flash then go out except 4lo light,no services lights on dash a...
we have bought a brake light control switch, cannot find where is located on the truck
I hear it directly under my driver's seat
why is this reoccurring and is this the problem? it is noticeable at slow speeds, 15-30 and when I turn the wheel to the right