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Van finally started, but loss of power when put in gear. What could this be?
replaced pump 1 week ago, van died going down high way, pulled fuel filter, fuel from both ends was black, ran pump till spitting clean fuel and installed new filter, van will not start, now have pressure at both ends...
Have had it replaced 3 times front driveshaft slide back on yoke that is hooked to tans
Increasses when heat or air is on and lowers in park.
Loud vibration sound in cab when in drive or reverse but not moving and gets lower when put in park. It also get louder when you turn on air.
it shut off and it didnt start for about 20 min then it start but after puting it in drive for a few min it stalled again and i had to wait another 20 min till i could restart it, but after a few min in drive it stall...
I was stuck and rocking back and forward jamd brakes and lost both power steering and brakes but was experiencing soft and hard petal prior to this
when I turn on the headlight switch the passenger side turn signals don't work, they work fine with the headlight switch off.
steering starting to shake on big bump, also pulls steering last time only a shock problem