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The 5.7l threw a rod on the freeway. It's history.
When i am driving my diesel gmc savana, it does push the gas looks like i am pushing the gas but not me. When i am on neutral position it does shake also sometimes iy feel like engine will stop.
starves of fuel ,no power, after longer driving,might disappear after fuelup
also has new coil and crankshaft sensor, no codes read from scanner, shot either into air breather and it exploded with out starting, engine has 86000, distribitor has also been replaced. have not looked at plugs yet,...
van ran fine before starter broke.just replaced starter,now van is running rough,won't idle when foots of gas. can't see any vacuum lines off or broke.sucks bad ongas mileage,9-11 mpg.could it be possible fuel filter ...
Have spark and turn on truck and fuel pump works and getting gas out of fuel filter. Engine will fire on either but not stay running
I replaced turbo both exhaust manifolds (they were cracked) vacuum pump glow plugs everything was fine running great next day no turbo black smoke from exhaust a couple days later running great again it goes back and ...
The vents in the car work. But when I turn the AC on it only works in the back. Nothing comes out up front. Air will come out when it is on vent but not ac air.
where can I find a console/engine cover for console for lower front of dashboard