When I put fluid in it runs out the bottom. not sure it its reservoir or attachment. how do i access to determine?

like a roar but it drives in 2nd gear fine

so does anyone know why it wont connect to the test machine? Is there a fuse or a line I should be checking?

My check engine light is on i have a p0125 code im trying to make sure that i chane the right sensor

Would like the estimate to include total costs of new engine and mechanic's labor charge.

hard shift with a clunk from 1st to second

I was wondering if there is a way to block off the rear A/C and just run the front A/C? It is not working at all. A charge only lasted a short time. I was told there is often a leak in the lines that run in the ceiling to get to the back.

I got a 98 gmc Savana 1500 auto form conversion van. It runs really good have had some minor problems with it and have been able to take take care of the problems all on my own except 1. The rear A/C does not work on this van. The only thing that comes out is hot air. Its just hard to believe that this was once a 35k van without rear a/c. is there something that controls the rear a/c to turn on or is there only a heater.

What size oil filter and how many quarts of oil needed?