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If you push or pull the turn signal handle the lights will come on for a sec. if the handle is pulled towards you the lights stay on. how may i fix this issue? PLEASE! When i have my 79 year old Mother in the van IT G...
vehicle is emitting strong gas fumes when running. no loss of power but gas is burning fast
I need to change the flywheel on my GMC Savana 1500. Are there any schematics that show how to do this? thanks.
What is the fuel system pressure.
i have a 1997 gmc savanna 1500 5.0l v8. the front air is working fine but the rear air is blowing out hot air. i check the fuse and it was OK. is there a fuse somewhere just for the rear i don't know about, or could t...
where is it located?
power steering quit, fluid ok, brakes work ok, belt ok, what is the solenoid on the pump for?
can't see my distributor cap. Where is it under hood to access it or from the inside of vehicle.