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after several hours it will start right up,it may be days or weeks between incidences.
What causes the increased speed and would it cause a lite out or vice-versa
Driving heard grinding noise hard to strear right , front tires locked up moments later. Recently replaced hub barrings with new tires In Feb this year. Only issues areblowe motor n ABS light on after oil chane.
need help never did this before any special skill I have a new handle want to replace broken one .
The codes recently came up but I have no problems with the operation of the truck.
The light is illuminated, and the rear flasher works, and it works inside, but the front left will not work.
2005 GMC canyon, no electrical power at all. got out everything was ok. got back in turned key no powder, just clicks, no interior lights, no power locks, nothing. Please Help!
Its been happening more lately and can't find a fix. Anyone else having this same issue, could use some help. Thx
The change oil light is still on after the oil change. Wht won't it go off?
I will drive and the temp gage will be normal, then when i shut it off and come back in a few minutes the gage will read hot
Shop says it is a plugged radiator and that it cannot be fixed but must be replaced at a cost of $800.
Fuel gauge failed, but fuel pumps works. what is the cause?
I have a 2005 Gmc canyon that keeps losing power and i don't know when it's going to do it.I have a son to protect and we were almost hit as my truck lost it's power in a blind hill yesterday on the way to their schoo...
My 2005 Gmc Canyon has been losing power,idles rough,and a light saying reduced power and traction default.I took it to the shop and had them put it on computer that pointed to be the throttle body so i replaced it an...
I recently took my 2005 GMC Canyon(87,000 miles)2.8L 4 Cylinder to the shop to be put on a computer that pointed to my throttle body because,out of the blue it loses power,idles very rough,and the engine light saying ...