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Seems the last owner installed two 2 inch tubes running to two mufflers in the rear. WHAT IS THE ORIGINAL EXHAUST TUBE SIZE and MUFFLER configuration ? restriction exhaust issue ?
Greetings and help !; I have a 1990 GMC K3500HD 4WD lifted with a 454 engine. Front brakes tend to jam and heat up when it goes into operational temperature. Already replaced calipers, pads, discs and hoses (custom be...
i have a topkick deseal truck that i have the problem with
Not even a dome lt. batt has full power. I check all cables, looked at fuses is there a fusible link I'm missing, babe behind the F box?
keeps blowing the computer fuse without the key on and no feul to the engine. Will start if dump gas down the carb 1988 vandura 3500
the tilt wheel system seems very loose,is there any way to tighten it.
I was brought this truck to my shop to fix cause the bell housing was cracked pulled the trans and put a new bell housing in but now every gear works but reverse it has the 4 speed manual any suggestions
what transmission came stock in a 1990 gmc dually 4x4
electrical problem w/ brake lights not working, replaced all fuses and bulbs. when head lights are there is no brake lights. when turn signal is on then both signals flash abck and forth.. i can not figure it out ??? ...