went to oreileys,three people searched the computers for two hours no luck went from 80s on up,trucks,vans,suburans,u name it they tried it still no luck,its 8 lugs a solid rotor not a floating

i have replaced 25 starters and four flywheels sense the beginning of this year plz help

Intake gasket. Funny how both sides happened at the same time. Do I have to pull distributed to Change intake gasket thanks

I have had a 95 GMC in the shop for 4 months and it still running the same. Had rebuilt transmission, replaced TPS sensor, reground all wires, replaced 4 wire harnesses, replaced Alt. The problem is Once in awhile the Check Engine light comes on and the truck wont shift into 3rd gear, unless I park the truck and wait a few minutes and restarted it. Any Idea's what this "Gremlin" is?

getting no power to my new fuel pump

My belt keeps jumping off the pulley. I thought it was becuase of the air conditioner pulley so I got a new one. I also got a new belt. I dont know what else to do.

i am having trouble with my tail lights i have changed the bulbs but they still not working. it started on the right side i got it to work then the turn signal stopped working with the lights on and now both sides r out i need help can anyone help ?

how do I get a schematic showing me where the fuel pump is.

The truck starts however the tach and speedometer will not work but all other gauges are functioning. If I use the remote starter it will work normally most of the time. It usually works for a short time then the tach and speedometer fail. The truck has stopped once but restarts with no problem. Does anyone know if this is an electrical ground problem or a hardware problem? IE alternator or voltage regulator.