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New exhaust system n o2 sensor ..still smoke with the engine warm up ..but sometimes no smoke..and other times a lot ..the oil is not milky ..but oil cap looks like water bubbles on it ..Please help me out..thank you
When the key is turned nothing happens except lights come on. When turned to the start positive n trans. Indicator lights go out and all 2wd/4wd lights come on.
just replaced fuel pump, now it won't idil correctly. idil jumps from 400rpm to 1500 rpm and the motor will die.
like on the disc itself like most trucks not this alien craft i ended up with stupid set up
sometimes and sometimes it won't start. Let it sit for 10-15 min and it starts. Any suggestions on what the issue might be?
i have the newer body sierras it has a 5.3 liter v-8 and when i start it bogs down almost to the point of dying i have replaced the TPS it worked for a week or 2 now its doing it again and it gets worse when its cold ...
after that my truck started running rough, no warning lights are on. Just a rough sound from tires. What could be the problem? Help Please =)
My air conditioning is not working. I have checked everything but the damper door or the motor that controls it. Where is this located on my truck?
hapens daily under no sertin conditions
Ok, so i am getting a p0300 code. I have changed all plugs and wires, distributer cap checked for any vacuum leaks and found the only problem i can find is with the fuel pressure. i have replaced the fuel pump twice w...