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bulbs and fuses are good but I have no back up lights
Left rear brake lite out, swapped bulbs with working bulb from right set up . will not work here. try new bulb, will not work. Return old right bulb to it socket, works fine. Harness or wiring bad ??? Boat Trailer ...
my starter has been acting funny for a couple weeks sometimes dont engage then it will today it just didnt and my truck seemed to flood so I tryed to start again with accelerator to floor started engaged but truck did...
Fuel pump not getting power
brakes worked fine until I had to stand on them once, when I attempted to replace pads the piston was very-very hard to make go back into caliper.I used c clamp and got it to move but upon appling brake the pads drag ...
Engine lose power and a sensor was hanging by the starter
Was driving started to lose power stop and oil was in coolant
I have replaced master cylinder, calipers, rotors, pads, speed sensors, and flush out the complete brake system and bleed them at least 3 times. I have no abs light on also. The trucks abs system does activate if I pr...
My fan speed will only operate on high. I was told it was probably the resistor for the selector switch. I need to know how to find the resistors and how to tset them.
I can push it the rest of the way manually. same thing happens when I use the key fob to unlock or lock it. Now my passenger side is starting to do it too.
My transfer case has the floor shift, while my 4-wheel drive does engage when I shift it the indicator light does not light up (the bulb is good) is the switch on the front axle or in the transfer case ?
My transmission only shifte in second gear