No voltage from the signal wire. Help Brad

i have tried every starter from auto zone for this truck i was told this motor might have been an experimental motor so the starter has to be specially made does this make sense

bulbs and fuses are good but I have no back up lights

Left rear brake lite out, swapped bulbs with working bulb from right set up . will not work here. try new bulb, will not work.
Return old right bulb to it socket, works fine. Harness or wiring bad ??? Boat Trailer lamps all working Ok .
Where to start checks

my starter has been acting funny for a couple weeks sometimes dont engage then it will today it just didnt and my truck seemed to flood so I tryed to start again with accelerator to floor started engaged but truck didnt fire battery died rolling engine same senario all day now and no start any ideas I smell fuel so its getting gas it fires with a shot of eaither but dont start Help Please

Fuel pump not getting power

my truck will not start with out it please help

brakes worked fine until I had to stand on them once, when I attempted to replace pads the piston was very-very hard to make go back into caliper.I used c clamp and got it to move but upon appling brake the pads drag bad- thought problem was caliper and replaced it -no different. when allowed to sit brake will relax and no drag upon appling brake drag is back. no abs light on

Engine lose power and a sensor was hanging by the starter

Was driving started to lose power stop and oil was in coolant

I have replaced master cylinder, calipers, rotors, pads, speed sensors, and flush out the complete brake system and bleed them at least 3 times. I have no abs light on also. The trucks abs system does activate if I press brakes to stop fast on wet grass. You can hear and feel it working. I have not replaced the abs pump module that the brake lines go in and out of. If this was not working wouldn't the abs light be on? It pulls to the left only under normal driving but doesn't do it when you slam on brakes to activate the abs. Could it be the abs pump module?