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when brake lite on dash comes on transmission will not shift if and when lite on dash goes off transmission shifts fine.brake booster seems to be leaking.
Been told it was probably the freeze plug, if so how hard to replace?
When I am going down the road any hill that I come to the truck kicks down and rpms will hit as high as 4000. I have changed the transmission filter and fluid. Didn't help. I'm really frustrated!!
my son removed the slave cylinder in order to replace the starter then when he put it back on the clutch pedal goes straight to the floor
Brake lights/ brights dont come on when i tap the break/ turn on.
Everytime i turn lights on it pops n blows fuse again replaced switch n checked for bald wires n bulbs
Massive coolant leak. Looks like its coming from back of block. Running down over starter and flywheel cover from both sides. Coolant comes out as fast as I pour it into radiator. Advice please on what u think it is a...
it was running one day drove it to the stor came home and went a bout a hour later never started agane
New oil pump, screen and oil pressure switch. changes oil and filter already too, still have same problem.
problem dors not occur when fuse to heater is pulled, told it might be actuator