Truck failed emission test at the smog. I replaced the rotor cap, spark plugs ect. But still has a problem. Put a new Egr in. Nothing changed. Truck has a crack before the o2 sensor, timing is off by 10 points. Was wondering why im still having a problem trying to pass smog. The smog people told me that my car is burning "Rich".

My gauges are not reading right and it loses power if I run any accessories. Its not the alternator or fuses.

if I put a bigger fuss it will start like it takes a 10 amp I have to put in a 30 amp to start keeps turning over but don't start

Where is the gas tank pressure sensor located? If I can find it I can replace it..

I have a 1991 GMC Sierra, and i was needing to rebuilt the engine but, I dont want it stock. I want to make it faster but without having to change the wire harness or anything.. Just bigger cams lifters and stuff like that. If yall could please give me a good setup i can follow. Im also having the tranny rebuilt with some goodies too. Its a 700r4 i believe....

Usually comes on when cruise control forces speed up to climb a hill. Always resets when switch is turned off and back on.

One rear cylinder was leaking. replaced both rear ones. Bleed system.Great brakes, light still on.

No picture of the oil cap in books.

I have also noticed and am unsure of the rear axle if u step on the brake and hit yhe gas the pig will move up and down bit the axle sleeves stay with the spring mounts and shocks is this normal ?

filter could it be a egr senser or tbody pump.

Filter i think its t body pump or egr senser

at startup it idles with 30 psi and at operating temperature it lowers to about ten psi at idle. currently running 10w 40 Pennzoil.

I replaced the intake & exhaust gaskets, temp. Sensor, & sending unit. No change
If anyone can give me some idea what it may be or what to check next I would greatly appreciate it.