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Usually comes on when cruise control forces speed up to climb a hill. Always resets when switch is turned off and back on.
One rear cylinder was leaking. replaced both rear ones. Bleed system.Great brakes, light still on.
I have also noticed and am unsure of the rear axle if u step on the brake and hit yhe gas the pig will move up and down bit the axle sleeves stay with the spring mounts and shocks is this normal ?
at startup it idles with 30 psi and at operating temperature it lowers to about ten psi at idle. currently running 10w 40 Pennzoil.
I replaced the intake & exhaust gaskets, temp. Sensor, & sending unit. No change If anyone can give me some idea what it may be or what to check next I would greatly appreciate it.
Can someone please tell me where the starter is? I think its just the starter that needs to be changed
fit????Why and what do I do now since it won't pass inspection because h20 is too high??
I have replaced fuel pump, fuel sending unit, rebuilt TBI, replaced injectors and new fuel filter. No check engine light.
and advance faster but not making the shift. is there any thing like timing or vacume advance to check out before looking at the torque converter. there is no leaking of transmission fluid any where.
but stays in the lower gear and reves rpm on the motor.Just moved from the desert in scottsdale az. Any effect from timimg. I am thinking torque converter any suggestions. There ia no leaking of fluid in the transmition