Mercedes-Benz S320 Problem Report

Mercedes-Benz S320 Glove box hinges, center console arm rest, and cup holders may break

(19 reports)
Glove box hinges, the center console armrest, and the cup holders break.
Glove box hasnt opened since I owned it. :-( -
Cup holder fell apart -
center console cover wornout , cupholder has failed , where can i get a replacement cover and cup holder -
Center console, cupholder and compartment lid broke and faded to raw materials under leather. I had to replace the whole top . -
Glove box has to be pulled on while pushing button in order to open. Cup holders up/down operation fell apart. A lot of small plastic clip-looking pieces. -
Cup holder mechanism failed. Basically, the unit came apart. -
All three issue happened on mine! -
clip inside cup holder compartment -
Cup holder broken I can not find a replacement -
the problem started when the cup holder cover won't hold to its lock. the after few months the whole assemble came out. -
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