Toyota Prius Problem Report

Toyota Prius Fuel Guage may not read correctly

(25 reports)

The fuel gauge may read incorrectly. A service bulletin has been released by Toyota regarding this concern. The fuel filler pipe or the instrument cluster may need to be replaced to correct this concern.

Fuel gauge indicates tank is near empty but it takes less than 7 gallons to completely refill it. Consistent with this, the gauge seems to go down more quickly than fuel economy would suggest. -
The fuel gauge is stuck at the 6 th notch and it doesn't move after filling it up to the full tank. It's scarily driving when I don't know how much gas I have left. -
keeps blinking that it is empty but can't put any more fuel into it -
Fuel gauge is not reading correct -
Fuel gauge is stuck at one bar past half. I've filled it to full twice but it doesn't budge. I've driven it 300+ miles, but the gauge doesn't move up or down. I'll not fill it over the weekend to see I it'll go down. -
gas tank is full but gas gauge only registers half a tank, recalibrated system and still registers half tank. -
Fuel gauge indicates empty even though tank is filled. -
Gas gauge recently started to read too low. Reset did not help. Dealer said they'd have to replace the fuel tank to fix the problem. That's sure not worth it! -
Fuel gauge began reading empty (blinking) with 4+ gallons remaining in the tank. Problem first appeared when tire shop placed larger (195 rather than 185) tires on the car. Has not yet been fixed. -
No fix yet, but at this time the car is showing one bar and blinking when I actually have 4 gallons left in the tank. -
My fuel gauge shows three fourths fuel after I fueled up on my 2008 prius. -
I found out that the fuel gauge will not move unless you fill up the tank at around 60000 miles. My Prius now is 102000 miles, the fuel gauge is getting worse. The fuel gauge was at the last light and flashing, but it only take 7 gallons of gas to fill it up. Now, the gauge goes down one light after 30 miles drive, and the 3rd light at around 70 miles. -
The fuel gauge is not correctly responding to fuel consumption after filling fuel tank to full. It continues to register as full even after driving 100 miles. -
The fuel gauge shows three bars, but the miles to empty is showing 10. -
I put gas in the car. Still shows one bar. -
Not fixed, stuck on one bar, but filled car up and no change... -
ran the battery low , then the gas guage registered 1 blinking light, filled the tank and it registered a half tank ..6 bars and stays that way 100 miles burned. -
Fuel gauge reads about half full when it is filled completely. -
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