Saab 9-7x Problem Report

Saab 9-7x Fuel Gauge Always Reads Full

(16 reports)

The fuel level sender can malfunction causing the fuel gauge to always read at the full level.

Fuel gauge malfunction. When tank filled gauge reads empty. As fuel is used gauge operates more effectively. Service engine light periodically comes on due to "low Fuel level" $500 to $600 repair estimate -
Fuel gauge always reads empty -
never fixed -
I pull into the gas station without the fuel light on, then I leave the gas pump after putting 20 gallons in it and the low fuel light is on as well as the check engine light. I was reading on line that GM is taking care of half the cost of the fuel pump/sending unit / sensor as it is all one part. -
when tank is half full, the light comes on and registered empty. This has happened twice straight -
Fuel gauge reads empty when tank is full. Engine light comes on as it does this. -
I changed the fuel level sender (involves dropping the fuel tank) with a new sender and the problem was solved. -
Fuel sensor went bad, Fuel level in car goes from full to empty sporadically -
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