Fuel gage level indicator not working. on Mercedes-Benz ML320

Average mileage: 137,821 (65,000–260,000)
5 model years affected: 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, more2002
35 people reported this problem
19 people shared problem details
my fuel gauge sometimes is not accurate.I filled the car up with gas and now the gauge is reading empty with the low gas light on?Does anybody know hoe to fix this?
To repair this issue you must reset the fuel gauge. 1. Turn the car off 2. Remove the fuse cover inside below the passenger side door. 3. Pull the 15A blue fuse number F5 4. Check it and put it back in 5. Turn on car ignition and fuel gauge has been reset and should be working now.
If I fill tank gage will go to zero. After driving 50 miles or so gage will register correct level. Solution try not to fill tank and live with it. Dealer says fix is up to $1800 At 121000 miles problem failed to correct. Went on youtube link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jkuap-JM7To followed directions only removed fuse with small needle nose plier and reinserted. Problem solved in 5 minutes. However suspect the underlying problem which caused it is still there.
gas gauge reads empty after fill up,it takes around 10miles for sustem to clear
Fuel level does not indicate level when you first put gas into tank. I have to keep tank on full so that I can mentally keep up with miles if I do not fill tank up. The gas gage will come up eventually, you just don't know when it is going to happen.
Check engine light turns on and my fuel gage will flash low even at 1/2 tank?
When I fill up, nothing. My solution: When filling up, I turn the car off then turn the key so that the car powers to the point that all of the accessory lights are on and I reset the trip mileage tracker. As I am filling up, the needle moves in the right direction and once it is full, the needle is in the right place. Sometimes within 5 minutes of driving, the needle will drop to empty, but there is a sharp curve near my gas station and for some odd reason taking that curve will make the needle stay where it is supposed to. The dealer says this is related to my needing a new AAM...their cost to fix $2000. The cost of a new AAM $180, so since a dealer can only put the AAM in and program it...I'll continue doing it my way.
fuel display falls to zero soon after a fill up.
Gauge not functioning. reads empty all the time.
My Fuel Level indicator gets stuck at empty when filling up, and it stays there until the truck consumed about 1/4 of the gas. Then the gauge start tinwork correctly from there on. Why it does that?
The gas gauge does't work at all. sometimes it runs out of gas
fill tank reads empty
Shows empty all the time. Have not fixed it.
Mine does this as well. There is a YouTube video that tells you how to fix this. Basically, it tells you how to reset that gauge by opening fuse compartment on passenger side floor wall. This might help.
Whenever I fill up the gas tank, it malfunctions and refuses to give a correct reading
if you fill up the vehicle while engine is running the fuel gauge works, as soon as you start driving the fuel gauge starts dipping down eventually to empty (when it clearly has well over 3/4 of a tank) and the light comes on.
cuando lleno el estanque de combustibles la aguja se de a poco cero una vez hago funcionar el motor y una ve z que el estanque esta a la mitad desconecto la bateria y nuevamente funciona el indicador de combustible
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