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Chevrolet Tahoe Front/Rear Differential May Develop Noise Due to Worn Bearings

Chevrolet Tahoe Problem
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Model Years Affected: 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2002

Drive Train Affected: 4WD

Average Mileage: 160,666 mi (123,000 mi - 209,000 mi)


The front or rear differential may develop an abnormal noise due to worn bearings or another internal fault. Our technicians tell us that a complete overhaul of the affected differential is commonly necessary to correct this condition.

  • Visitor, , 4WD, 123,000 mi

    I've been hearing a noise coming from the back of the truck by the left rear wheel. I have checked the brakes and the wheel but the wheel does not seem to be bent. Is it the rear differential

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  •  Rookie

    Is it in my tranfer case or the front or rear axle, to me it seems the four wheel drive chain has to much slack in it is there an adjustment? I notice it more when I come to a quick stop after realseing the brake pedal I get a loud thumping sound as if one thing caught up to another.

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