Chevrolet Suburban 1500 Problem Report

Chevrolet Suburban 1500 Front/Rear Differential May Develop Noise Due to Worn Bearings

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The front or rear differential may develop an abnormal noise due to worn bearings or another internal fault. Our technicians tell us that a complete overhaul of the affected differential is commonly necessary to correct this condition.

Rear Diff makes a high pitch noise with throttle applied at 40+ MPH -
A roaring noise coming from the rear -
a rotation/rubbing noise linked to front differential, rebuild passenger side or replace differential. -
I have had this howling noise coming from the front end since about 90,000 miles but very seldom do I use the 4 wheel drive and if I do it is 4 auto so it has lasted about 55,000 miles so far making this noise but now if you put it in 4hi the noise multiplies 10 fold and it didnt use to do this -
tranfer case roars and grinds. bearing worn and driveshaft is loose -
In 2wd problem starts at 10mph w foot on gas. When I take foot off gas or put into 4wd the problem goes away. Sounds like I am driving on rumble strips on the side of the highway. I have had this 08 suburban in the shop 5 times this year. Just had a bearing replaced and the truck just hit 90k miles.this is my 2nd suburban and both are falling apart at 85k and I did all the recommended maint. -
high pitch noise coming from the rear end gets louder at 40 miles an hour -
10/29/2013: Had auto ride go out in rear-end at 135,000 miles. Had my mechanic check for "howling" sound in rear end thinking possible wheel bearings. He took a scope and said it is definitely coming from the rear drive pinion gear bearings. This will be the 3rd time fixed. Car is all highway miles. Transmission guy I spoke with said he " seeing more and more of these things and is not sure if is caused by the fluid or poor quality of parts...." Going back to dealer to rip them a new one, if that doesn't get me anywhere, than I will go to a transmission expert and have them replace it. The non-GM transmission guy said expect around $1,200 to $1,500 for repairs. (previous repairs were covered under GM 100,000 mile warranty) so I don't know what they even charge. I would guess the factor of "pi" (3.14159265359.....) -
Have a howling noise coming from rear end. I have replaced the Pinion bearing once already. Also I have a clunk noise upon acceleration all ujoints have been replaced. -
Excessive noise coming from the front, end gets really loud when in 4 wheel drive. Also 4 wheel won't disengage until you come to a complete stop. Have not figured out correct repair yet. -
I too have developed noise in the rear differential area. going to have the wheel bearings changed. hop that fixes the problem. -
Strong humming sound on front Driver's side....very "heavy" sounding - almost as if we were driving in low gear. Took to dealership and they just called letting us know that the wheel bearings out going out on both sides. I am hoping our extended service warranty will cover the cost. -
When I bought the truck used, the rear end made noise for 4 years. Then it started making a hard 'clunk' when making a hard left turn. The 'clunk' got more frequent. Shop inspection show the spider gears in the rear end were very worn, then they finally slipped and started breaking teeth off the gears. $840 to repair. -
makes a loud noise -
Outer pinion seal was leaking very slightly, but I caught it early enough and it was relatively inexpensive to replace (~$180). Mechanic said unit still had plenty of fluid so I attributed it to normal wear and tear on a 6 & 1/2 year old truck. 4 weeks later and 450 miles away from home, the rear differential was howling so loud car needed to be dropped off at a local aamco. Got the dreaded call today that the rear differential was shot and required complete replacement with a remanufactured unit ($2800). Clearly that leaking gasket was not simple wear and tear but a predecessor of impending doom in the differential. Warning to all 2007 and 2008 suburban owners....sell as soon as your ODO turns 100k, if not sooner. (especially if your rear differential seal starts leaking) -
Noisy rear end and metal shavings in oil, noise from outer ends of axles and pinion area. Not fixed yet. -
sounds like a jet plane I had the rear differential rebuilt already -
Mild noise in front differential when in 4wd. It is sometimes hard to get into 4wd. It has never popped out or not gone in. It is a very mild noise, but noticeable. -
I starting noticing the problem at 100,000 miles. I checked the differential fluid and changed the u-joints thinking that was the problem. Rear gears started letting go at about 175,000 miles,( sounding like a jet airplane was in the back seat ), while pulling a trailer with a tractor on I85 through Greenville, SC on the way home to Richmond, VA. Ring and pinion gears badly sharp that you could shave with them. -
My son called me said his truck was making a loud poping from the back end, I met him and we limped it back to the house. Rearend poping and catching when loaded, (gas on ) fine when coasting, have not opened up the pumpkin yet but I expect I am going to find peices. Sent him back to college in my expo. -
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